Thierry Jasserand

Thierry Jasserand, a seasoned entrepreneur with a trailblazing journey across the vast range of industries, embodies resilience, commitment, and a visionary spirit. With a diverse portfolio spanning hospitality, payment solutions, telecom, and IT sectors, he has traversed the business landscape across France, Europe, and India. Thierry’s enduring mantra, “Mobilis In Mobile,” serves not only in his long-standing experience but also in his open-minded curiosity that fuels his perpetual quest for success.

In the territory of hospitality, Thierry boasts over a decade of experience blending multi-disciplinary teams, managing restaurants, and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction in India. His ability to wear many hats has sculpted him into an International General Director, unifying triumphs by exceeding targets, navigating dynamic organizations, and cultivating intricate relationships with customers and suppliers.

With 25+ years in computers, telecoms, and payment industries, Thierry stands as a beacon of expertise in management, sales, and marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit manifested in co-founding Café Noir Restaurants in Bangalore, a thriving venture that he continues to expand. His foray into eCommerce, promoting and delivering bakery and pastry products, exemplifies his adaptability in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In the land of telecommunications, Thierry’s leadership has been instrumental in steering the growth of TNS Inc. across Europe. From shaping the success of TNS in France as Country Director to spearheading expansion as Regional Director for Northern Europe, he has showcased an innate ability to identify critical paths for success, accelerate growth, and deploy new services.

His illustrious career includes roles as a founder and Director of Subiteo’s Board, Vice President, and Sales & Marketing Director. Thierry has steered the helm as Managing Director for Facilicom International France, amplifying the international footprint of the telecommunications carrier. His stint with Siris and Cable & Wireless further attests to his prowess in expanding sales operations.

In his career trajectory, Thierry has left a lasting mark on technology organisations, including Apple Computer and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he held executive positions and managed sales & marketing business units. His approach to entrepreneurship is not just about taking risks but balancing them with a steadfast commitment to profitability.

Thierry Jasserand, a talent in the intricate harmony of business, continues to shape industries with his visionary leadership, unwavering commitment, and a profound understanding of the ever-evolving dynamics of the global business landscape.