2927 Hospitality, in partnership with Wajeed Bagwan, proudly extends a comprehensive array of hospitality management and consulting services. Our commitment spans from the project’s inception to its final execution, ensuring a seamless and successful journey.

With over 30 years of profound experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, our team comprises creative and skilled individuals dedicated to excellence. At 2927 Hospitality, we take pride in delivering the most refined and exclusive services, creating an unparalleled realm where service surpasses expectations.

Step into a kingdom of uncontested hospitality, where every detail is a testament to our proficiency in elevating the guest experience. Our dedication resonates in the subtlest nuances, promising an exceptional encounter with excellence in the dynamic landscape of the hotel and hospitality industry.

2927 hospitality encompasses the 4 “Cs”
2927 Hospitality unfurls its essence, encapsulating the cardinal pillars enfolded by the 4 “Cs”.

– Competent Team
– Comprehensive Approach
– Constructive Plan of Action
– Creative Concepts

We are a 360-degree hospitality management and consulting organisation, offering tailored services that span planning, designing, and seamless implementation. Our expertise extends to sales and marketing support, embracing diverse segments from standalone culinary havens to opulent five-star sanctuaries. We craft an architectural experience, orchestrating a harmonious blend of services that caters to every facet of the hospitality and F&B industry.

We transcend boundaries, curating moments that exceed the ordinary and elevate the essence of service. At 2927 Hospitality, each venture is a unique journey, where passion converges with precision to redefine the standards of excellence.

Embarking on a panoramic journey, 2927 Hospitality emerges as a comprehensive hotel management and consulting entity, conceived with a vision to forge an unparalleled benchmark within the mélange of the hospitality industry. Our presence is destined to carve an idiosyncratic niche on both national and international fronts, where our competence and innovative ideas converge to craft a narrative of noteworthy distinction.

Welcome to a world where every venture is a testament to our commitment, a picture painted with excellence that resonates globally.


Climbing aboard on the sophisticated expedition of hotel and resort development, a meticulous process unfolds, laden with nuances demanding careful consideration. Within the detailed orchestration of hotel development, 2927 Hospitality emerges as the maestro, navigating every phase with finesse. From the strategic acquisition of land tailored to specific budgets, to the artistry of constructing the hotel, its grand unveiling, and ultimately elevating the essence of its business—each note is carefully composed. In the domain of hotel development, we stand as architects of possibility, sculpting every facet of the journey with a harmonious blend of precision and passion.


Within the vast scope of hotel management and consulting services, 2927 Hospitality expands a vista of knowledge. Our ensemble features a cadre of highly skilled individuals, each adeptly coordinating the various facets of hotel operations and management. In the meticulous manoeuvring of operations, our skilled team conducts regular inspections, shaping marketing plans that transcend the ordinary and embrace innovation. With a keen eye on maximising profitability, our perpetual evaluation of performance becomes a compass guiding the journey. The artistry extends to property improvement, where strategic implementation of plans becomes the linchpin of progress. This ambit of operations is underpinned by systematic communication with representatives, an intricate procedure that harmonises to meet the ever-evolving requirements and demands of the industry.

At 2927 Hospitality, our commitment resonates in every note, weaving a storyline of excellence within the gamut of global hospitality.


In the embryonic stage of a venture, the pre-opening phase unfolds as a burlap awaiting the strokes of discerning craftsmanship. Here, at 2927 Hospitality, we unveil a specialised approach to pre-opening services, a chiming of meticulous steps stage-managing the inception of hotels and resorts. Feasibility study and market analysis play vital roles in the pre-opening phase. It includes the overall planning of the project.

Pre-opening services include budget finalisation, hotel PR plans, preparation of hotel standard operating procedure (SOPs), recruitment and training the employees, HR Administration plans, creation of accounting and purchasing policies, concept and design development, etcetera. In this prologue to excellence, every stroke is a testament to our commitment, each note a pledge to sculpt a pre-opening masterpiece that transcends the ordinary.

Welcome to a land where the nascent dreams of hotels and resorts are nurtured into a fitting reality.

In the erudite workings of the hotel, where every aspect is a valuable asset, the role of asset management emerges as a virtuoso, invoking a tale of financial acumen within the hospitality industry. Hotel asset management plays a very significant role in attaining a considerably good return on investment (ROI). Hotel asset management stands as the genius conducting a mellifluous concert of financial strategies, ensuring profitable returns that resonates with distinction. Within this financial prowess, the crescendo of increasing cash flow becomes the ultimate motive, a refrain echoing through the corridors of prudent operational processes and smart management practices.

Increasing the cash flow is the ultimate motive behind asset management. Competent operational processes, management practices and implementation of the strategies lead to proper asset management. We make sure all the parts of the property are being used lucratively to increase the overall profit margin and revenue of the hotel. At 2927 Hospitality, we board on a cruise where the implementation of strategies is not just a duty but a craft. Like skilled artisans, we meticulously ensure that every part of the property becomes a lucrative contribution, a dazzling performance enhancing the overall profit margin and revenue of the hotel, where asset management becomes an art, and every stroke of the brush is a testament to our commitment to financial excellence in the hospitality industry.

In hospitality, where precision is the currency, the meticulous blueprint of maintaining records becomes a virtue, facilitating the seamless amalgamation of smooth functioning and operation. These reports include monthly summary reports, audit reports, room reports, daily revenue reports, RevPAR, closeout balance report, deposit received report, etcetera. Within this sphere, 2927 Hospitality methodically produces reports that transcend the mundane and elevate the essence of efficient management. Monthly summary reports, audit reports, room reports, daily revenue reports, RevPAR—each note is a harmonious entry in the ledger of operational excellence. As the curtains fall, the closeout balance report and deposit received report become the concluding intonation, ensuring that every financial note plays in perfect accord.

Come aboard with us to a world where the beat of record-keeping is a vital part of the grand adaptation of hospitality and opportunities.

In contemporary hospitality, mystery audits gracefully take centre stage, becoming the silent architects of excellence in top-tier hotels and restaurants. Within the confines of a hotel mystery audit, a covert professional, a spectre of discernment, glides through the establishment, rendering an unprejudiced and genuine verdict on the hotel’s quality and overall management. The Hotel Mystery Audit is the enigmatic realm of quality assurance, where the unseen auditor becomes the guardian of the exquisite symphony that is your hotel’s reputation.

Nowadays, mystery audits have become a norm in top-notch hotels and restaurants. In the hotel mystery audit, a professional assesses the quality of your hotel anonymously. The anonymous professional provides unprejudiced and genuine opinion about the hotel’s quality and the overall management. This helps in improving the hotel quality and identifying all the other areas where there is a scope of improvisation. Hotel Mystery Audit gives a detailed insight of what exactly the guests expect and their needs and requirements.

Revenue management is an immensely important concept in the hospitality industry as it sheds light on consumer demands. We have a proficient team of people who manage the entire revenue management cycle to take any particular business to newer heights. It enables the hotel owners to envisage the demand and optimise the pricing.

The systematic use of analytics and performance data to anticipate customer behaviour and demand defines revenue management. This broad concept involves selling the right products to the right customers at the right time. A truly expansive concept, revenue management is the art of placing the right pieces in the right spaces at the right time, creating an architectural universe that resonates with success. This is where revenue management transforms data into an architectural marvel, shaping the skyline of success in the hospitality industry.

Be it building a new property or renovating any hotel or resort, 2927 Hospitality does it all.

We provide a wide range of technical services, serving as the chisels and brushes that sculpt the landscape of installations with precision. Our services include the installation of hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment, breathing life into operating elements, and weaving the crux of kitchen and laundry facilities. It is a pleasant drive, where we not only offer project procurement and management but also sketch a map of performance improvement plans, 5-year budgeted capitals, and design and construction processes. Our technical team at 2927 Hospitality is the heartbeat, vibrating with the regularity of scrupulous dexterity, ensuring that every hotel or resort becomes a matchless form of functional elegance.

Step into a world where technical services become the whizz, conducting the perfect plot of form and function.

In the canvas cloth of hotel management, sales and marketing emerge as the brushstrokes that breathe life into the masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the artistry of any great artist, our highly experienced sales and marketing managers wield a visionary palette, painting a 360-degree approach to elevate the hotel business.

Just as the artist’s meticulous strokes transformed his canvas, our marketing strategies are crafted with precision to maximise the hotel’s revenue. A well-executed marketing plan is the key, enhancing the hotel’s profitability, filling its rooms with the vibrant hues of meetings, gatherings, and accommodation. Good marketing strategies and their implementation can help leverage the hotel’s profitability. It also includes increasing occupancy in the hotel for several events like meetings, gatherings, accommodation, etcetera. Marketing helps in reaching out to the potential customers eventually enhancing the brand value of the hotel and we are quite good at conducting it in the right manner.

At 2927 Hospitality, we do not just market; we paint an immersive experience, where every detail contributes to the paragon of hotel success. We are a world where we look at marketing as an art form, and every strategy is a mark that paints the path to unparalleled success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the heartbeat resonates in the throes of digital marketing. At 2927 Hospitality, we understand that the digital platform is not merely a tool but an avant-garde platform where businesses transform and transcend. In a world dominated by pixels and algorithms, our creative and tailor-made solutions redefine the trajectory of the hotel and hospitality industry. The digital platform is the best option to expand any particular business in a rewarding way. 2927 hospitality offers creative and tailor-made solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry, which helps in leveraging the profit margin and revenue of the hotel.

We know what it takes to digitally expand hotel businesses to achieve an altogether different level of digital transformation. Digital marketing is not just a strategy; it is the core of our approach, an immersive journey that propels hotel businesses to lucrative heights. We navigate the digital scenery with an acute understanding of what it takes to achieve an unparalleled digital transformation. Join us in this digital odyssey, where every click is a step towards expanding horizons and achieving an altogether different level of success.

Embark on a remarkable expedition where the imagination of event management meets seamless execution with 2927 Hospitality. Why burden yourself with the painstaking details of event planning when we can transform your forethoughts into a faultless reality? Our dedicated team, seasoned and adroit, stands ready to organise and manage a myriad of events with utmost competence.

Our skills offer event planning and management services, be it any event. We have a proficient and experienced team of people who plan and manage the entire event competently. Whether it is a social soirée, a corporate conclave, or any other occasion that demands distinction, we pledge to make it not just an event but a splendid and memorable experience tailored just for you.

Let us be the architects of your moments, fashioning them into chefs-d’oeuvre that linger in the memories of all who attend.

In the enchanting expanse of cinema, where every frame is a click on the sailcloth of imagination, movies unfold as magic. As the sage Adams wisely proclaimed, “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

Join hands with us to partake in the alchemy of allurement we conjure, whether it be on the celluloid land of film or the still images captured by the lens. Our creative expanse knows no bounds, traversing vast domains to weave tales that trumpet across the dominion of human experience.

In this grand collaboration, the partnership of Subi Samuel Films and the 2927 Group stands as a beacon, casting a luminous glow over decades of shared expertise. Our core lies in the art of illuminating narratives, infusing them with a universal magnetism that transcends time and borders. We hold the belief that content, draped in its majestic robe, ultimately claims the throne. Good work, a virtuous cycle, begets more of its kind, and we honour the timeless principle that talent precedes glory.

Our attention extends towards the horizon of collaboration, seeking to unite with production houses, individuals, companies, and corporate entities in the principality of production and co-production. Your ideas, budding films, and completed stories or screenplays are the treasures we seek to unearth. We invite you to share your cinematic dreams and diaries, for in the synthesis of our visions, new cinematic turfs may be born.

And if the offerings within our list do not align precisely with your aspirations, fear not. Drop us an email, a missive into the ether, and let the conversation begin. The charm, after all, lies not just in what is seen, but also in the unseen possibilities that await discovery.

  • portraits
  • film stills
  • corporate shoots
  • team shoots
  • bts (behind the scenes)
  • ad films
  • feature films
  • short films
  • dramatic features
  • mini-series
  • series for the film as well as digital platform

In the department of business, marketing transcends its conventional boundaries, proving too significant to be entrusted solely to marketing professionals. Similarly, the concept of branding is a unique possession within the corridors of one’s mind. This is precisely where we make our entrance, offering a comprehensive approach to your brand identity, encompassing elements such as name and logo, brand positioning, strategy, design, messaging, application and extension, along with the formulation of a brand style guide. Our approach is rooted in an astute awareness and fusion of the best practices from both worlds, ensuring a holistic and impactful representation of your brand.

In the world of design, simplicity stands as the epitome of sophistication, embodying the nub of marrying matter and art in a way that is truly enchanting. When you choose to join hands with us, you are embarking on a matrimonial journey where this union is steeped in love. Allow us to craft your logo, stationery, brochure, signage (both digital and traditional), info-graphics, along with a plethora of marketing and promotional collaterals spanning both the print and digital domains. Our commitment is to infuse every element with a touch of love, ensuring that the visual representation of your brand is not just erudite but resonates with a simplicity that captivates.

In the intricate world of advertising, much like the caterpillar toils diligently while the butterfly basks in the limelight, we aspire to bring your brand into the spotlight. Our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from advertising strategy, concepts, campaigns, copywriting, creative design, to photography, is tailored to breathe life into your clothing of ideas. We stand as a holistic one-stop-shop, ready to not only articulate your vision but also give it the transformative nucleus that sets it aflutter in the expansive province of advertising.

In the contemporary business topography, a robust web presence is tantamount to the significance of DNA in the human body. Join us on this digital cruise; we are the specialists poised to navigate you through the wanderings of website design and development, e-commerce strategy and design, ad word management (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), display and e-mail marketing, online banners/runners, vignettes, social media marketing, mobile app development, and a vista of other online activities we deem pivotal in the digital orb. Our approach involves active engagement, strategic energising, meticulous analysis, and adept interpretation of interests, ensuring your material twitters across the web/mobile space, carving out a distinctive and unmistakable niche for your brand.

In the consonance of love, the words mirror like a poignant melody, resonating through the depths of the soul. The plea, “If music be the food of love, play on,” sets the stage for an emotional exploration, where the hunger for passion is insatiable. The desire for an overwhelming excess of love, akin to an intoxicating aria, is beautifully expressed. Yet, as the music unfolds, there’s a sense of lament, a recognition that even the sweetest strains may lose their enchantment over time. The comparison to the sea, capable of receiving all but subject to the erosion of time, adds a layer of profound emotion. The final declaration, “so full of shapes is fancy, that it alone is high fantastical,” leaves us immersed in the boundless empire of imagination and the fleeting nature of love’s fanciful dance.

Embark upon this symphonious outing, where the attraction of possibilities beckons you to join our story. Hop on, if the ethereal salsa of attributes aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

  • music arrangement
  • music composition
  • music recording
  • music production
  • music distribution
  • show concept (light design/repertoire guidance)
  • music video/promo (concept/ideation/execution/production)
  • music marketing (design/digital/film/related media)
  • end-to-end events organisation
  • concert production
  • music management
  • concert promotion
  • music production services (recording/mixing/mastering/editing/songwriting/musical arrangement/session musicians)
  • music marketing services (electronic press kits (epk’s)/distribution/album launch/strategies and
    implementation/social media/web design/graphic design/branding/seo)
  • artist development
  • photography
  • lessons
  • audio production for film and television