Ravi K Chandran

In the mesmerising world of Indian cinema, Ravi K Chandran emerges as a luminary, a cinematographer whose lens breathes life into the visions of iconic filmmakers. His ride through the celluloid realm is a visual extravagance, an exploration of emotions, symbolism, and sensory details woven into the very fabric of his frames.

Collaborating with the titans of Indian cinema – Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Priyadarshan, Rajiv Menon, and A R Murugadoss – Ravi K Chandran’s lens is a storyteller, a silent narrator capturing the nuances of human sentiment and the grandeur of cinematic richness.

Within the jurisdictions of commercials, his pictorial eye becomes a conduit for visual poetry. From the vibrant hues of Airtel to the rugged tales of Hero Cycles, the intimate whispers of Lakme to the dynamic narratives of Toyota, each commercial is a miniature film where Ravi K Chandran’s cinematography paints endearments and narratives in every frame.

His cinematic sketch extends to feature films that knell across genres and sensations. From the pulsating energy of “Ghajini” to the poignant romance of “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi,” from the epic context of “Fanaa” to the dark hues of “Black,” Ravi K Chandran’s lens captures the phantasmagoria of human experiences. His collaborations birthed cinematic gems like “Dil Chahta Hai,” “Yuva,” “Saawariya,” and “My Name Is Khan,” each frame a painterly feast where cinematography transcends the role of a mere observer to a storyteller, weaving tales in light and shadow.

As a director in the post-production phase of his film “Yaan,” Ravi K Chandran steps into a new role, a testament to the evolution of his cinematic journey. The very act of directing becomes an extension of his visual storytelling skill, a new chapter in a career that has already etched its name in the golden annals of Indian cinema.

In the rich assortment of his filmography, Ravi K Chandran’s lens is not just a technical instrument; it’s a delightful wand that conjures feelings, symbolism, and narratives. It paints the panorama of storytelling with the strokes of light and shadow, leaving a fixed imprint on the hearts of those who step into the world he creates. In the cinematic scope, Ravi K Chandran’s is not just an observer; he is a poet, a philosopher, and a bard crafting tales that toll through time.