Subi Samuel

In the kaleidoscope of Indian photography, Subi Samuel stands as a genius, an expert whose lens captures not just images but narratives etched in glamour and conceptual brilliance. His name, like a whispered promise, vibrates with the pith of fine finesse that graces the pages of India’s leading magazines and adorns the turfs of prestigious brands.

A wunderkind of visual storytelling, Subi Samuel transcends the boundaries of conventional photography. He is the silent poet behind the lens, crafting visual concertos that conforms with the harmonies of film, fashion, sports, and politics. His coffee table opus, the aptly titled SUBI, is a testament to his ideal expedition, a tome that received critical acclaim for encapsulating the personality of global celebrities through his lens.

In the visual poetry of SUBI, every page is a frame, and every frame a snapshot of virtuosity. His lens captures not just faces but stories, each snap a brushstroke on the setting of his unique style. His imagination, a palette of colours that breathe life into his compositions, is propelled by an insatiable quest for perfection. In the world of film publicity, commercials, and publishing, Subi Samuel is not just a name; he is a visual storyteller who has woven his narrative into the very fabric of the industry.

Behind the lens, Subi Samuel is a man of few words, allowing his photography to articulate the profound stories he wishes to convey. His images emulate with a language that transcends verbal communication, an eloquence that captures the heart of his subjects with unspoken precision.

His foray into cinema as a director is a testament to the evolution of his creative crossing. As a producer of the feature film Alag, he explores the state of storytelling beyond the captured frame, venturing into the dynamic world of cinematic creation.

Subi Samuel’s clientele reads like a roster of the titans of the industry. From the Times Of India to Filmfare, Femina to Zoom TV, his lens has been the conduit for capturing the gist of these esteemed entities. The visual skill he weaves extends to collaborations with iconic names like Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Productions and Studios, Gillette, Nivea Men, Pepsi India, and illustrious jewellery houses like Farah Khan, Adrija, and P C Chandra.

In the soundness of his photographic exploration, Subi Samuel is not just a photographer; he is a conductor arranging visual harmonies that murmur across the draft of time. His lens captures not just images but the very soul of his subjects, leaving a permanent imprint on the visual lexicon of India.