Salar Publications

Salar Publications

Revamping of their Urdu newspaper

Re-design of newspaper

This publication has been in the business for decades. They have quietly and steadily built their reader base who have been loyalist to their newspaper. While not many are there in this space they wanted to be in sync with the latest trends in the market and move along with the choices of their target audience. As their target audience is very niche all the more they had to revamp themselves

Before we started the exercise there was a detailed understanding of their history, how it progressed, who are the readers, various behavioural changes of their target audience, their choices and preferences and what is the trend towards reading an Urdu language daily considering that people were preferring English dailies than the Urdu ones. Once we got an idea of the above, along with some more relevant details, we first focused on the changes of the newspaper – what sections to keep, delete and add. After this was clear, we went ahead with the whole creative process – identifying the colours, look and feel, design style, the layout of the pages. What part of the content was top priority in each page etcetera. The layout had to be designed in a manner where the top rated content had to be accessible easily

We did a fine balance of creativity and functionality as it had to appeal not only to the older generation but also capture the younger audience. Being a niche player it was important that the circulation did not drop rather only got better due to the new image projection of the newspaper. While a lot are now reading online, there was still a huge demand of print, which this audience was looking forward to. It had a good connect where people were excited to hold this new design in their hands and ultimately that translated to good circulation.

We provided the team templates so that it was easier for them to add/alter information in the same layout and also have the flexibility of changing the layout in the same grid. That way it would retain some freshness by giving more variations