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Cityinfo Property Services

Corporate re branding

Logo retouching, stationery, website, company profile, company folder, website design and development, email signature, Power Point templates, e-invite, advertising, newsletter template, content development for website and brochure

The company has been in the real estate sector for a long time and they wanted to give a fresh look to their brand keeping in sync with the current market trends. They wanted to approach their creative communication in a novel manner

Like any other project we first carried out a thorough understanding of what has been done in the past with respect to branding activities. Then we undertook the respective changes in design and collaterals based on where the firm wanted to go from there. Based on their vision and approach we began working on the creative collaterals. One of their prerequisites was that they desired to maintain a professional and corporate feel that appealed to the new generation of companies and yet remained traditional in its approach. Basically, they wanted a blend of the modern and the traditional feel thereby not alienating the old economy firms but yet appealing to growing sectors like IT, e-commerce etcetera

That it involved an entire gamut of re-design, we created an integrated feel to the creative approach where there was a common thread that defined the creative approach yet varied based on the medium and collateral. This resulted in an instant recall and associations with the target audience thereby always being part of the consideration set