Healing Fields

Healing Fields

Corporate branding

Company brochure, Content development

A NGO based in Hyderabad looking to connect with investors for funding. They wanted to have details presented in a creatively appropriate manner

Keeping the brief in mind we wanted to provide a professional approach. Besides the fact that they were doing something good for the society a lot of them in the same industry have resorted to taking care of their own interests. Therefore, that was the first thing we kept in mind while working on their brief, as it was important to build credibility and trust. There are many people who would like to invest for a good cause but it is equally important to develop trust in where they are going to invest

Keeping this in mind we first worked on the content development. As they say content is king, we focused on talking about the history and what all they have done. We concentrated on their achievements and provided some interesting statistics in the space that they work. This information was presented in a concise manner without compromising on relevant details. Once this was done we then created a corporate brochure that was well presented, corporate and professional in its approach. It had balance of colour, style, content, images and overall appealing design. Most importantly it conveyed the message clearly. While doing this exercise we also kept in mind that their communication had to be short and to the point as many do not have the time to go through a lot of details

The whole exercise was received well. They ran several re-prints since people were interested in donating funds. The brochure had a section where people could cut out the filled portion and do the needful. This convenience helped them to get more funds as today people are hard pressed for time