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MSR Dwellings Pvt Ltd

Corporate and Project Branding for a startup builder

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The owner of the company was initially doing it on an individual capacity. But now with the formation of the company he wanted to give a professional approach to the firm and as a result he wanted to create a brand from scratch. This was also in sync with the first project that he was launching from the company

Based on the above brief we first worked out the brand structure approach of the name[s] as that was the foundation. Once this was decided, we moved ahead with various creative requirements in order and create the necessary collaterals. As part of the process we discussed about his views, vision etcetera and translated that in the form of content for the company

After creating the identity and positioning, the corporate brand name was carried forward to all his projects. As a result, all the associations of the corporate brand by default got associated with the project too

Before the entire corporate branding exercise was done, we built the first project by creating the concept and approach of how to position this brand. The project had to be treated as a brand and not another project from a builder

This was a classic example of how to build a brand from scratch. We had created a DNA for the brand and developed a unified identity so that the brand image projection was the same across all mediums. It had to speak the same language