Wajeed Bagwan

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to a luminary in the demesne of hospitality, the esteemed Wajeed Bagwan. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Wajeed has etched his name in the annals of Indian and Middle Eastern hospitality with finesse and distinction. His journey has been one of orchestrating the stateliness of starred properties, a maestro in the ensemble of luxury, comfort and excellence.

Wajeed’s path has been graced by collaborations with world-renowned hospitality giants, such as the legendary Taj Group of Hotels, the opulent Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, the iconic Leela Group, the prestigious Radisson Hotels & Resorts, and the global presence of Oakwood Worldwide Inc. His expertise, finely tuned in the domains of pre-opening and operations, has yielded a resounding chorus of success.

In his transcription of these harmonious endeavours, Wajeed has crafted a legacy marked by efficient operational paradigms and a unique style of nurturing the growth and aptitude of his teams. Notably, his laurels resonate with the magnificence of hotels that have risen under his baton, celebrated with honours such as the ‘Award of Excellence,’ the prestigious ‘Best Smart Hotel Award’ at the Middle East Hotel Awards, and the title of ‘Luxury Business Hotel of the Year’ at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards.

His exceptional touch even reached the global stage, where he earned the title of ‘Global Winner Best Luxury Boutique Hotel’ by the World Luxury Hotel Awards, and a certification as an ‘International Five Star Hotel’ by none other than Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Wajeed’s legacy is further adorned with the titles of ‘Best Airport Hotel’ in the Arabian and Dubai arenas, the ‘Best Debut Mid-Market Hotel’, and the ‘Best Serviced Apartment of the Year’. His proficiency extends to India, where he’s proudly clasped the ‘India’s Signature Award for Best Luxury Serviced Apartment’.

Wajeed’s pledge to accomplishment reaches even greater heights, as he stands as a National Finalist for the esteemed ‘Upper Upscale GM of the Year’. He is celebrated with the citation of “Hospitality Superstars” and stands tall as a shortlisted candidate for the illustrious ‘General Manager of the Year’ accolade, alongside his esteemed Hotel Team, in the grandeur of the Hospitality Excellence Awards-MENA.

This luminary is not just a virtuoso of operations; he is also a scholar, one of the rare few bestowed with a scholarship for the prominent General Manager’s Program at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA.

But his contributions extend beyond the lavish interiors of his hotels, as Wajeed’s commitment to brilliance was recognised by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, UAE. His unwavering dedication was acknowledged through the Business Excellence Awards since 2012, encompassing the Dubai Quality Award and the Dubai Human Development Award. He earned the merit of leading the “Best Team” in the DHDA Assessment cycle, a testament to his holistic obligation to fineness.

In the dominion of hospitality, Wajeed Bagwan stands as a symphony of superiority, a chieftain of opulence, and a true achiever in every sense.


1. Dubai Quality Awards and Dubai Human Development Awards:

  • Led the Business Excellence Department of Dubai Economy and Tourism as a Team Leader.
  • Conducted assessments for Dubai Quality Awards and Dubai Human Development Awards from 2012 to 2017.
  • Recognised as the ‘Best Team” leader for the 2016-17 assessment cycle by the Dubai Economy and Tourism Department.
  • The Dubai Quality Award framework ensures alignment of organisational initiatives and benchmarks performance against desired goals.
  • Based on the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), successfully applied since 1992.
  • Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA) promotes excellence and best practices in Human Resources Management, launched in 2002 by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • Aims to encourage government and private sectors in the UAE to participate in the growth and development of human resources.

2. Gulf Real Estate Awards – 2018:

  • Appointed as a Judge for the Gulf Real Estate Awards in 2018.

3. Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards – 2018:

  • Appointed as a Judge for the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards in 2018.

4. Executive Committee Member for Hotels Liaison with Dubai Tourism:

  • Served as a member of the executive committee for hotels liaison with Dubai Tourism.

5. Presentation on Wellness Tourism:

  • Presented a session on Wellness Tourism during the Incredible India campaign by the Ministry of Tourism, India in 2019.
  • Highly Successful General Manager in India -2021: Recognised by the International GM Awards 2021.
  • South India’s Best General Managers(Hospitality)-2021: Acknowledged by CMO Asia.
  • Finalist for the India National award – Upper Upscale Hotel GM of the Year Award-2020: Nominated by BW Hotelier, India.
  • Hospitality Superstar: Honoured with a citation by the Stars of the Industry awards, India in February 2020.
  • Gulf Real Estate Awards-2018 Judge: Appointed as a Judge for the Gulf Real Estate Awards-2018.
  • Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards-2018 Judge: Appointed as a Judge for the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards-2018.
  • Best Team Leader in DHDA Assessment cycle -2017: Recognised by the Business Excellence Department, DED, Government of Dubai.
  • Hotel Openings: Successfully commissioned the opening of several prestigious hotels including the Royal Continental Hotel and Suba Hotel in Dubai, UAE.
  • Team Leader/Assessor for Business Excellence Awards: Associated with the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, UAE.
  • Multiple Accolades: Received several accolades including Award of Excellence, Best Smart Hotel award, International Five Star Hotel Accreditation, and more.
  • Scholarship Award: Received Scholarship award to attend the General Manager’s Program at Cornell University, USA-2010.
  • Professional Affiliation: Affiliated as a member of the Cornell Hotel Society.
  • Culinary Accolades: Received the “Frappe Lifestyle Award’, “Best 20 Restaurants – Asia”, and “Best Restaurant of the Year- Award (Western Cuisine)”.
  • Employee Engagement: Achieved the highest ever Gallup mean score of 4.98 in F&B – highest in all Carlson Hotels, Asia Pacific.
  • Hygiene & Safety Recognition: Achieved 100% results audits conducted by British Airways for Hygiene & Safety and Flight Catering on Oberoi Flight Services, Kolkata.
  • Association Memberships: Elected Intermediate Member of the Hotel & Catering International Management Association, London.
  • Nomination: Nominated for the FHRAI – Best Food & Beverage Manager award.