We breathe in highly pressured times where employees feel that they are being treated as a liability than an asset. It is important that some imperative but discerning determinants are followed in order to maintain a balance at the place of work. Sharing some of what we follow at 2927. Hope they help you mould your own.


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Whether one emphasises on it or not people are compelled to multi-task or feel left out from the rat race if they do not. While psychology states that multi-tasking is not wired into human beings, and that it dilutes our attention span from concentrating and excelling, one endeavour at a time, we must also realise that there are no hard and fast rules for anything. If you can multi-task, then voil√°! But for those who are not adept at it, it would be wise to steer clear from burdening themselves with tasks that they know are unachievable. Bottom line: indulge in activities that excite you, engage you and challenge you. Keep your energies focused at what you do best and you will fathom that nothing succeeds like success.


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Communication is the key, be it in professional or personal lives. Create conditions where your employees can express themselves fearlessly and honestly. And when they do, absorb their suggestions and foster the same. Circumvent letting hierarchy or ego get in the way – it is one fool-proof way that could contribute in letting the company mushroom without much hindrance. The finest method to see dialogue put into play is to team up people who find it hard to express themselves with those who are able to draw them out so that they grow exponentially. Remember it is in your hands to figure who can mentor whom as learning and growth is purely a team effort. Most importantly respect your employees and acknowledge their effort. The cue to effective dialogue is to listen.


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Avoid attaching excessive importance to decorum that life begins to appear like a noose around your neck. A task for some no doubt, but embrace the simple notion of making fun of yourself. As odd as it sounds, it is one of the aspects that helps loosen the stiffness between situations and people. Keep in mind, however, that to clown about is not derogatory as long as one evaluates the timing of such an attribute. When you have acquainted yourself with the art of being easy around those who are easy with themselves, then working with somebody, or under somebody, becomes a delight.


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Sport is a vital ingredient for metal growth just as salt is to food. Sport encourages team playing, it assists people in letting their guard down and bond on a level much different from the thin lines established at the workplace. Sport boosts imagination and assists in sharpening the problem-solving abilities of the individual and the company. Besides injecting such methods of mental play into your board meetings, discussions, suggestions, brainstorming, let your employees compete with each other on the field so that their competition on the workspace turns a duel into a deal.


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Letting your employees thrive in time zones that best tap into their productivity is something that many people are not used to accepting and allowing at workplaces. Since they have been brought up in a stringent environment of timelines, they find it hard to accept that flexibility is an asset that empowers people to perform better. The crux here is simple, no baby-sitting. If your employees cannot manage their own time, then they are better someplace else than in your team or company.

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