Revon Pereira

As a seasoned multidisciplinary designer and marketing specialist, I bring over 15 years of expertise in branding, advertising, events, and photography. My journey began in the vibrant world of events, where I honed my skills crafting designs for stands, products, and promotional items for esteemed clients like UL Underwriters Laboratories, Lancôme Stall Design & Fabrication, BBC – 3D Venue Design, Star CJ Live – 3D Stage Design, and Bank of Baroda. From stand ideas to selecting the perfect flowers, I immersed myself in every aspect to exceed client expectations.

Seeking new challenges, I ventured into the emerging field of e-learning, co-founding e-careers, now one of the UK’s foremost e-learning companies. With a thirst for innovation, I collaborated on ground-breaking projects, such as the design of iPRO SPORT, a revolutionary energy drink with a unique formula and distinctive branding that sets it apart in the market.

Currently, my creative journey leads me to exciting endeavours with a crane rental company in Dubai, UAE, where I am crafting brand strategies and marketing solutions to elevate their presence in the industry. From events to e-learning and beyond, my passion for design fuels my commitment to delivering impactful results across diverse sectors.

In the digital realm, my expertise extends to creating compelling advertisements for prominent brands such as Reliance, UL Underwriters Laboratories, L’Oréal, TATA, Teachers, and GE, ensuring their messages resonate effectively with their target audiences.