Virgo Wellness

Virgo Wellness

Le Tranquille luxury day spa Identity and Branding

Identity creation, stationery, corporate brochure (product brochure), website design and development, in-store collaterals (forms, appointment forms, feedback forms), outdoor creative[s] (standees)

Le Tranquille is a French-themed luxury day spa. The client’s foremost requirements were to create a brand with an obvious French connection sans the cliché accompanied with an element of high-end elegance. They wanted the branding to be fresh, original and exceptionally premium.

We started with a logo that reflected the pure old school elegance with a regal emblem and imperial fonts on a classic white on black combination. The stationery was stark white and minimally classy in order to directly compliment the white interiors of the salon and in deep contrast with the logo. The brochure was a balanced ensemble of colours and the information was rendered in a soothing, harmonious blend, befitting the attributes of a premium spa. The website brought home the French theme in a beautifully interactive fashion, which not only allowed the consumers to browse through their products in an interesting manner, but also helped them get introduced to the unique concept behind the brand in a different way.

The clients were delighted with the entire output and felt that the branding had done complete justice to their unique business. The spa has been very well received and is well on its way to becoming one of the most sought after relaxation destinations in town. The branding played a huge role in not only establishing the premium personality of the brand but also in attracting new customers with its elegant appeal.

They were the winners in the World Luxury Spa Awards 2013.