Suvilas Properties Pvt Ltd

Suvilas Properties Pvt Ltd

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Suvilas is one of India’s premier property development companies and one of the first to incorporate European construction standards into their creations. The website needed to be extremely luxurious and high end. They wanted to exude unabashed royal opulence not only to match the standards they maintain but also to bring forth the sheer class of the brand

What We Did
After getting a very clear understanding of where the client is coming from, we created a website design that is absolutely majestic. With deep umber undertones and beautiful regal fonts, the design stands out for its depth of intertwining layers. All images used are vintage chic and exclusive and incorporated in a special collaboration with photographers and artists from the world over. The interactivity and dynamics within the website are state of the art. The website overall is a unique harmony of vintage charm and modern technology.

The Impact
With the previous creative work done by someone else, the projection of their brand was not up to the mark. We were able to translate the vision of the founder into reality through great design and visual experience. It was backed by detailed content for those who wanted to understand at length typically cutting out the not-so-serious ones to the actual prospects who were keen to invest at a particular level. We also created accessibility of the website through other devices like tablet and mobile, hence, there were more opportunities to reach out to customers who were more friendly with the tablet/mobile devices

The reviews have been tremendous as they participated in various international events. The traffic of the website increased tremendously which was seen through the Google analytics report. A particular kind of clientele was now being attracted as the brand image projection was neatly intertwined to their target audience

It also created an impression that they were tech-friendly and were in tune with the technology trends thereby believing in innovation etcetera