Qualitas Property Consulting

Qualitas Property Consulting

Branding Identity

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A start-up based out of Bangalore in the real estate space. The team comprised of experienced people from the same industry. They wanted to create an identity that was different and fresh since this industry had many players already. That they primarily dealt in office space their target audience were the corporate.

Even though the company was a start-up it was backed by founders who were in the same space. As a result we factored in credibility, experience and seasoned professionals who understood their business and knew exactly what they were getting into. At the same time it was a young team who did very well for themselves in the industry and built a reasonably good network.

The creative approach was based on the above parameters where we created a blend of stability, experience with youth and vibrancy with a touch of corporate feel and professionalism. The usual corporate colours were avoided. We used a palette that was subtle yet conveyed the message to its target audience. The logo was created in the font family and that additionally reflected the ease of doing business with them