Human nature yearns for balance, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. At work, in relationships, and in the confines of our homes too. That is how symmetrical balance (when the two sides of a central point are mirror images of each other) was born. This balance suggests formality, refinement and constraint that produces the feeling of security and safety in our minds. That said, there is an extremely fine line between chaos and order, and if not handled with care, will make a room appear unwelcoming and cold. Similarly, art, architectural elements and knick-knacks possess the ability to enhance or dampen the atmosphere of a room. To illustrate this better let us take the example of the sideboard below.

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What do you see?

The focal point, the artwork in his case, is rather tiny. It is not enhancing the look of the wall due to its insipidness, and neither adding grace to the decorative pieces that seem clustered and of similar sizes. In addition, the floor colour is pale, and the grey rug and rexene on the seat lend it an overall depressing mood.

And now look at this below –

Vintage Walnut Credenza – Cabinet, Dresser, Mid-Century Buffetvia PinterestWhat do you observe?

What do you observe?

The polish and proportion of the sideboard is just about right against the wall. The artwork, even though it is no different from the one in the picture above (greyscale) doesn’t seem insipid but enhances the feel of the arrangement. The white lamp on the left compliments the two candle stands of varying sizes on the right. The canary yellow floor rug on the bleached white flooring adds a bit of life to the entire layout.

While some of you might be wondering, is it that easy? I would say it is indeed. The trick quite simply is in striking a balance so that the space looks structured yet cosy. Besides, some important points to consider while re-arranging a space or doing it up from scratch is keeping clutter out of the way. It is the most effective way of making your home look inviting. Plan adequate storage in each room by adding floor to ceiling cupboards that would lend a streamlined look.

Make certain every room has an interesting spot for the eyes to settle on. Such spots in other words are what we call focal points. Traditionally, the focal point of the living room used to be the fireplace, but in recent times it is often the artwork, a large vase, or even a chandelier.

Historically speaking, classic design and architecture from the Greeks, Romans to the Renaissance was symmetrical. This type of balance was popular because it did not leave anybody guessing. Balance the furniture and floor rugs along with the display of objects. They key here is to delight in your collections than finding yourself lost in a tangle of things fighting for attention.

For those who consider balance boring, go ahead and break the monotony by placing a single piece of art that could add a bit of disarray. Keep in mind that chaos can lend beauty to your space, but when it begins to look like a mess then no matter how fertile the modern mind is equipped to soak in the newer trends, it would still find it hard to adjust to the hotchpotchbecause in the end it is not chaos and mess but appeal and harmony that wins.

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