At the 2927 Group we had the good fortune of working with one of the finest and most awarded American photographers of our times, Geof Kern. The projects were with one of our oldest clients, Interface. Interface, by definition on their own website, are the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tiles. Kern’s splendid photographs added distinctness on the invites (across the different cities) that were engineered most eloquently by our design team. The results are delightfully thrilling and are available on our website for everybody to relish as much as we did making them. If those marvellous designs had left us twirling with joy, we adapted some of Kern’s most staggering images in the anniversary yearbook that we conceptualised and constructed for Interface.

A brief on Geof Kern: Kern’s work is a distinctive combination of rationalism and conceptualism, inspired by “post-modernist” painters. Some of Kern’s shots are silent and still, reminiscent of the stoic acting styles of Buster Keaton, while others include a touch of whimsy. His fashion photography serves as more than simple visuals designed to display clothes and accessories. His images are quite driven by narratives that stimulate the viewer and evoke a variety of reactions. He has mastered the art of storytelling by wisely taking his time to plot out each shot before a shoot by drawing up storyboards. Kern says, “Sometimes you’ve just got to ask yourself, why leave spontaneity to chance?”

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