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It is disheartening to see how design is taking a beating in the hands of the inexperienced and opinionated. Agreed technology is giving us the ease of learning and knowing whatever there is to it at a click of a finger, but is it really teaching us anything other than scratching the surface? I am afraid not. What matters in design is not who the client is or how effective it is, but how well-thought of and how close to perfection it is. I would not even touch upon the symmetrical aspect here because the new crop these days do not know what that even means, and that is why I would like instead to lay emphasis on one thing that is being largely neglected – beauty. The delight that one achieves in creating the beautiful teemed with the correct aesthetics is what stays timeless. Had it not been the case, we would not find ourselves going back to the knowledge of the past to build on the knowledge for the future.

Take design that originates from the European nations, while some might not fancy it, majority of them do, and the reason why majority of them find it appealing is simply because of the depth and care that goes into crafting even the simplest cup of tea and saucer on your table or even the placemat on which your tea cup and saucer sits. Had it not been for their interest in elegance, or an eye for precision, we would not have ourselves reaching out to their art, architecture, china, and most of all design because no matter how smart the Americans are in mass-producing their products and marketing them with matchless innovation, it is unfortunately a short-lived phenomena.

Design is not about what you see, it is also about what you don’t see. Think surface level if that is your idea to please, but at the same time do not lose the definition of depth. It is only depth that will let you leave a mark because in time the surface will lose itself under scratches.

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