2927 is an autonomously owned, multi-disciplinary, artistic enterprise. Simply put, we help you communicate your goals effectively to your target audience by developing and remaining true at all times to the skill sets that we offer from films to music, and from branding to digital.

Our made-to-measure talents are commissioned across a whole breadth of verticals; an attribute that our portfolio represents rather dazzlingly across industries and patrons of all sizes and types.

We think that regardless of its age and era, any creation ought to be timeless, graceful. Representations that are an embodiment of the senses, and in full harmony of splendour and the soul that outlast the whims of passing trends. That is why we find ourselves drawn regularly to the beauty of the times past, and oftentimes find ourselves referring to the age-old principles and utilising their wisdom in order to re-fashion our present life sciences – in that seats the magical impetus of identity: yours and ours. And this is the fundamental methodology our artisans employ at 2927.

Some of our associates and team members are genii of excellence, and whether they work independently, or in a partnership with us, they do so in friendship.