Amma Constructions


Creative design


Logo, Stationery, Positioning statement (tagline), Website design and development


The company is into the construction business where their focus has been on large scale projects like infrastructure and road development projects. While they have been in existence for sometime, once again they had not focused on building their brand or projecting their brand image in a particular manner.

what we did

It was a pretty exhaustive process where we first spend some time sitting with the owners of the company and understood their vision, thought process and other aspects of their company. We worked on understanding how they wanted to project themselves, how different they were from competition.

Their target market was the B2B segment, and the industry they belonged to had been seen as very traditional with a certain kind of people at the helm of affairs. This is where we wanted to bring the change through some creative yet artistic design so that it breaks the clutter.

The impact

We built a brand that reflected a serious business ethic. We provided them a new age Brand with a new approach to doing work. The designs were artistic and resembled what they did in a very conceptual manner rather than having a run of the mill kind of design.